Becoming a Master Crafter

No matter how simple a craft begins, each one has its own specialties that require additional training after a person has learned the basics. Some crafts, such as knitting, require a person to learn how to make basic stitches and succeed at following a pattern. Over time, the person advances from a simple square blanket to making complex items of clothing. Other types of craft require even more knowledge, and the making of fine bone china or porcelain fits into this category.

Clay and kilns

Clay is the basis of making simple pottery, and it is the main ingredient used to create fine porcelain. As with any advance toward mastery of a craft, the beginning crafter must learn about the composition of clay before they can create porcelain pieces. These pieces must have a smoother texture and be fired at higher kiln temperatures, and the amount of kaolin in the clay is the deciding factor. Learning how to choose clay for a final product is the basis of craft advancement.

Fine bone china

There are many pottery crafters who have long admired English fine bone china, and some of them will practice their craft long enough to be able to create their own bone china pieces such as fine bone china mugs. They must learn how to combine bone ash with high kaolin clay to create their pieces. If they do not use enough bone, the piece will not have the desired translucence and strength they seek.

The final product

Some china pieces use slurry poured into a mould to create perfectly matched china sets, and there are people who will take the time to add this skill. Other crafters might choose to simply use an existing set of moulds and concentrate on mixing the perfect slurry for the final product they seek. No matter what choices a crafter chooses during creation, all of them will lead to finished pieces that can be admired by friends and family.