Hand Tools for Crafting

Every craft has its own set of tools, and each tool has its own particular use. Knitting requires the use of needles that come in various sizes. They can also be straight or bent into a circle. The crafter who chooses to knit must learn the many uses for each size and shape of needle. Crocheting is another yarn related craft that requires tools. Hooks are used when crocheting. They come in a range of sizes for the new crafter to learn. Once learned, each of these crafts will provide the practitioner a wide variety of creative choices and projects to complete.

Woodworking crafts also have many different tools. Hand saws are used for fine work and power saws are used when the wood requires deep or long cuts. Other cuts can be made with a powered jigsaw or router. Clamps are used when gluing pieces together to make a whole. Even sandpaper is a tool used to smooth rough edges and surfaces. If wood is turned on a lathe, the crafter will need to use a set of cutting tools specifically designed to work with wood turning at a fast pace. Then sandpaper must be used to achieve a perfectly smooth finish.

Crafts such as glass can be a bit more involved than knitting or woodworking. For those who want to mix and shape their own glass, a furnace is required. The raw glass ingredients must be mixed and taken up to the temperature of fresh lava from a volcano. Once molded or stretched into its finished form, the glass must be allowed to cool. For those who would rather not chance the heat, pre-shaped glass objects can be purchased and decorated with glass transfers or hand painted. Choosing to decorate using glass decals does not diminish the crafting experience. It gives the crafter options in their work.

There are very few crafts that do not require the use of a tool. Learning to use these tools properly is important for safety reasons. Crafters have the ability to decide what tools they will learn to use in their crafts. Power tools are not necessary, but they do save time and effort. It is up to the modern crafter to make tool use decisions when learning their craft.